3.1 Research and Development Support
ONVOI, InQuirere,

3.2 Engineering, System Engineering & Process Engineering Support

3.5 System Design Documentation & Technical Data Support

3.6 Software Engineering, Development
GPSI (Guam)

3.10 Configuration Management Support

3.12 Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support
GPSI, InQuirere

3.14 Interoperability/T&E/Trials

3.16 Logistics Support

3.17 Supply & Provisioning

3.18 Training Support

3.19 In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation & Checkout Support

3.20 Program Support
ONVOI, (SOLUTE), InQuirere

3.21 Functional & Administrative Support
ONVOI, (SOLUTE), InQuirere,

Description of Representative Services

The following are overviews of representative relevant experience for services provided by the members of the InQuirere Seaport-e Team over the past 5 years.

InQuirere LLC

NSA’s Utah Data Center

  • Acquisition Management Support to Electrical Contractor for the acquisition of select critical power management requirements, including batteries and UPS for one (1) year period of performance.  Services included pricing, administrative, shipping, and select verification and testing.
  • Verified and documented prototype of new redesigned battery.
  • Developed and conducted a verification procedure for documentation of factory battery testing.
  • Conducted QA testing of discharge test times for battery capacity in accordance with IEEE standards.

Goldbelt Hawke

The White House

  • Internet web and application hosting services using SAS70 Level II certified data center.

Dept. of the Interior

  • Personal Property Management System to manage computers, construction equipment, firearms and
  • similar items classified as personal property.

Dept. of Commerce

  • Computing Center Access Control System installation.
  • Relocation of servers and other sensitive information technology hardware.
  • Technical writing and program support services for IT help center.
  • 24×7 Security Operations Center support to detect and respond to network intrusions.
  • Tier 2 IT help desk support.

Dept. of Justice

  • Web infrastructure conversion to a 64-bit environment.

Dept. of the Army

  • Coachware implementation for the Defense Integrated Military Human Resource System program.
  • Solution Manager Implementation Support for AEASIP to plan for, manage and perform the development of software applications.
  • Infrastructure Support including fiber and copper backbone installation in Afghanistan.

Dept. of Energy

  • Network System Administrator /Senior Microcomputer Specialist support for their site


  • Coordinated the infrastructure refresh of over 90 nationwide sites: from offices to industrial mill sites. Project included project management, site assessments, installation and testing.  
  • Phase one, project value $2,300,000. This project was run through Presidio Networked Solutions.
  • Contact Information includes Julie Roberts, as the POC, Engineering Manager, Presidio Networked Solutions, Tampa, FL.

Galaide Professional Services, Inc.

  • Reporting of over $838 M in direct and transferred ARRA funds.
  • Assisted the office of Planning and Policy Analysis Program Manager developing a work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in response to BIA’s Transportation Program Assessment Rating Tool OMB rating.


  • Provided engineering, financial, reliability, and overall program support of integration and installation of command, control, communications computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance functions for fleet aircraft carriers, command ships, amphibious and aircraft.