Passive Optical Networking (PON)

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Implementing a Passive Optical Network (PON) solution in lieu of a traditional copper Ethernet LAN provides dramatic savings in the total cost of ownership, both in terms of capital and operational expenditures. Elimination of the costly work group and distribution switches and associated power, cooling and battery backup from each floor equates to dramatic savings, in capital, space, time and energy.

Get more, spend less and future-proof your investment with the benefits of PON:

  • no theoretical bandwidth capacity
  • 300x greater reach than copper
  • one efficient network supports all services
  • compact, space-saving design
  • 99.999% network up-time

According to a recent independent study, the five year total cost of ownership savings can add up to approximately 68%, spanning almost every aspect of implementation including equipment costs, power, cooling, installation and management space.

Comparison of Traditional and Passive Optical LAN Architectures

And while it is a carrier-class solution — making it more reliable than copper — a Passive Optical Network is not only more cost effective but also much more cost effective and simpler to deploy and manage and infinitely more environmentally friendly than the Ethernet copper counterparts that most enterprises use today.