Battery Monitoring is essential to any facility with a critical back up power system. Downtime due to battery failures has caused significant financial losses,  damage to companies' reputations and disruption to operations.  Battery failures are the leading cause of data center downtime according to a study by the Ponemon Institute. Furthermore, wireless, last-mile communications solutions require power and power-fails mean latency and disruption of mission-critical, real-time information.

Installing battery monitoring systems effectively makes it possible to assure the batteries will perform during a power outage. More and more companies are monitoring their batteries to eliminate this risk as they find out the hard way what happens when the power fails! 

Not only does a Battery Monitoring System assure the performance of the backup battery power system, it will also reduce battery maintenance and replacement cost.  Ineffective and expensive manual testing on a quarterly basis can be eliminated.  With a battery monitoring system, battery replacement decisions are based on data and predictive analytics rather than fear of failure.  As a result, battery life is extended by up to 65%. 

Battery Monitoring Systems are found in:

  • Colo and Cloud Data Centers
  • Financial Data Centers
  • Corporate Data Centers
  • Government/Military Data Centers
  • Public Safety Communications Systems
  • Electric Utility Control Systems
  • Industrial Process Equipment and Control Systems

Battery Asset Management takes battery monitoring a step further - incorporating a cradle to grave process for the validation, maintenance and replacement of the battery assets.  The monitoring of the batteries is leveraged not only to assure the performance of the back up power system, but also to efficiently schedule preventative maintenance, ensure that replacement batteries are available locally, and to document battery life, disposal and recycling.