InQuirere exists for the express purpose of providing world-class integrated networking through PON, 4G LTE and GEO/MEO SATCOM technologies and critical backup battery and power solutions. We are the only provider worldwide to deliver fiber (PON) and fiber-like (SATCOM) communications with speeds greater than 500MB, to the last mile. We support clients from ship-to-shore and end-to-end with an expert staff of problem solving, subject matter experts and intuitive thinkers with defense expertise that have been providing technology solutions to commercial as well as government and defense clients both domestically and internationally for decades.

We are proud to be a woman-owned, HUBZone-certified firm - providing opportunities and advancement for the local community and agile innovation to our clients of all sectors - from war-fighters, to first responders, to enterprise institutions.
— Owner, Karen Leonard

InQuirere offers a wide range of leading-edge solutions that address today’s environmental, energy, and financial challenges for last-mile communications for land, sea and air, including:

  • Engineering
  • Integration of PON, 4GLTE, GEO/MEO SATCOM, Battery Asset Management
  • Backup Power Solutions
  • Voice/Data/Cable Infrastructure
  • Configuration
  • Provisioning
  • Technical Support
  • Project Management
  • Hardware Support
  • Software Maintenance Support

InQuirere’s Products and Services:

Passive Optical Networks (PON) - InQuirere is an authorized Gold/Platinum Passive Optical Network channel partner. Providing SME cutting edge expertise coupled with best value. Focused on providing unparalleled secured converged networking solutions to the commercial and government marketplace utilizing next generation PON technology. 

InQuirere strategically partners with clients to lower cost and improved performance next generation Local Area Network (LAN) architecture far superior to traditional copper LAN building design. Based upon the collection of empirical data over the past five (5) years, InQuirere found users of PON solutions enjoy on average of more than 30% cost savings over conventional Copper Ethernet LAN approaches. The revolutionary PON technology utilized by InQuirere establishes a new benchmark for Local Area Networking and redefines how services are delivered to the desktop in an enterprise environment. The inherent benefits of PON make it an incredible delivery mechanism for the triple play of services—voice, data, and video—in a multi-dwelling, enterprise or large building or campus environment. InQuirere’s PON solutions are applicable to a myriad of challenges including; Renovation and Expansion, New Construction Technology, and Infrastructure Upgrades and Improved Sustainability Initiatives.

InQuirere’s PON solutions are agile to satisfy the unique data and communications challenges found on military bases, in government buildings, universities and colleges, hospitals, financial institutions, casinos, large commercial buildings, enterprise environments and sea bearing vessels. 

4G LTE WIRELESS - InQuirere partners with the best providers of 4G LTE to ensure integration of voice, data and video is available seamlessly in the wireless environment. We offer integration to defense PSAM devices with 4G LTE and SAT COM assist. LTE, which stands for “Long Term Evolution,” is the fastest, most consistent variety of 4G, and we ensure the fastest, most-reliable and low-latency connections so mission-critical data and communications are never out of reach.

GEO/MEO SATCOM - Last-mile solutions require the best in SATCOM reach. InQuirere provides a vast coverage area of worldwide-broadband connectivity including emerging and insufficiently connected markets in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, with a collective population of over 3 billion people with ultra-low latency, and high throughput to support the 4G LTE backhaul and quality of experience, to the last mile.

Battery Asset Management - InQuirere is BTECH, Inc.'s government channel partner that enables contractors and government agencies to acquire BTECH's industry leading battery validation, monitoring and asset management products.  BTECH has been assuring the performance of critical backup power systems for over 25 years with 8,000 systems installed globally. 

InQuirere is committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients in providing the highest quality of secure, converged, integrated networking services and products solutions. Providing world-class solutions at a “realistic cost” is our pledge! Our team at InQuirere has the qualifications, relationships, processes, structure, business, and management expertise to fulfill this pledge. At InQuirere, we see ourselves as an integral part of our customer’s mission.